1. to the people who have followed me lately that I did not greet


    Just because I laughed so hard when my sister showed me this.

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  2. Miscellaneous Shiny Things re: “Monarch Douglas Bank”


    Fair warning: This is an exercise in over-thinking and blocks of text. No, really.

    • Beginning of episode: Mr. Kaplan has just comforted Red when she notices one of his victims hasn’t quite finished dying. As Red takes out his gun to finish the task, what does Mr. Kaplan do? She shields her face with her hand. She can’t watch this man be killed. Her expression, by the way, looks equal parts concerned and nauseous.
    • Delicious lip-glances during dialogue! Red is briefing Liz on the bank assault in Warsaw, and tells her that according to the official statement, nothing was actually stolen. Liz asks, “And according to you?” Cue liplook.

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    tbl 202
    some sketchy musings

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    Lines in the sand. That’s exactly what I was missing to relate the “not friends” stuff and saving his life by unfreezing (?) the accounts.


  4. 6yo boy and The X Files

    My wonderful nephew is on an alien vibe lately. Among other things, we talk a lot about The X Files.
    Yesterday he wanted me to tell him what happened in every and each episode - he is only 6 (almost 7) years old and his mother doesn’t allow him to watch it yet. I kept telling him stuff about the show, the aliens and the conspiracy, and he kept paying attention.
    Today I picked him up at school. I looked at the mirror and saw this funny face of his. He didn’t want to tell me what was it, but I insisted and he said he told his friends about The X Files. At some point he started to hum the theme song and all his friends were frightened…
    He laughed.

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    So much tension in this scene! She never breaks eye contact with him, even when he’s challenging her. Her outfit {black over white, unbuttoned collar} mirrors his. She’s got an outside source, no longer relying solely on him for information. She has a go at him, more than once, and he takes it and then spars back at her. She’s not the out-of-her-depth newbie any more, she’s stepping up to play him at his own level and staking out her ground. And then he throws her a save, When you’re ready to share I’d love to hear ‘em. AnI’m still here for you.”

    The only bit of this scene I found unsettling was when she said “I hope she’s worth it.” It seemed OOC at first, I mean this was the same FBI agent who would do anything to save a life in S01 and now she’s prepared to sacrifice one for the many. Then I realised there was so much more to it, there was so much riding on this one. Red let Berlin get away. The guy they’ve been focusing on for months now. The guy that caused Meera’s death, and almost Cooper’s. The guy who put a target on every member of the taskforce. The guy who put Tom in her life and took her whole world away from her. The guy who’s the reason she’s had to be afraid all the time, living out of a suitcase and changing hotels every couple of days. And most importantly, the guy who’s hellbent on killing Red. Because we all know that her words earlier {about keeping him safe simply because it’s her job} were rubbish, just a lash back at what he’d said to her on the phone. She may not like that she does, but at some level she cares about him. She wouldn’t be so hurt and so damn angry at him, and possibly a little bit jealous of MrsR, if she didn’t. And she wouldn’t look so broken up when he throws her “no friends” line back at her.

    So it wasn’t a question to Red, it’s not whether saving MrsR was worth it, it was a statement, a hope that Red letting Berlin go was worth it and a fear of what this means for all of them going forward.

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  6. "I know you care for her as much as you care for your wife. I think underneath it all, under that hat of yours, you’re not much different from Twila Stansberry. […] you’re blinded by passion."

    Dear god…

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  7. jackandsamforever:

    The song playing in the background during the last Red/Liz scene was so good. The lyrics portray how Red sees Liz, as his redemption. His chance to move into the light and away from the darkness as Megan Boone put it. Just..all the feels.

    Take my mind and take my pain

    Like an empty bottle…


  8. Red finally seeing Naomi again…. after all this time.


    My heart… is hurting. 

    James. please. stahp with your face and eyes making me feel things for this criminal. 


    Red reached out to touch her and then… ugghhhhhh 


    The song choice heavily contributed. thankyou. Im now a bit of a mess. 


    I’ll just sit here quietly until I can process enough brain cells to watch it again. 

    I’m happy to see I’m not the only one who was neat to tears.

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  9. You’re a monster.


  10. I’ll process the whole episode eventually.



    So there was a moment where Berlin was all “I know you love this Elizabeth Keen chick as much as your…” And I was all “say it. You know you wanna say ‘daughter’. Just do it and I’ll resign myself to the interpersonal tone of the rest of this show.”

    Then he said “your wife”.


    thought they were gonna say daughter too… Gotta keep that Daddygate going in their opinion… SOOOOOO GLAD THEY SAID WIFE TOO!!! I almost died of relief when he said wife.