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"Why don't you fill my heart with song? Let me sing forever more"... This was supposed to be about music, but then The Blacklist happened (former raquelrv)

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Bad humor consuming me. I guess I’ll have to spend the afternoon watching Orange is the New Black and eating spoon brigadeiro.

Any suggestion? (to watch - brigadeiro is not a choice)

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i couldn’t find just this scene anywhere on the internet so now it’s here forever

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Is Lizzy still mad at Reddington or did they make up? The other fan I’m talking to, is convinced that she is still mad at him.

Ugh they need to watch the finale again - she’s clearly not feuding with him in any way.

in some ways that was the most…

Oh my, the really right answer would be,  like you figure-of-dismay, i don’t know. I’ve been thinking about this question as well since I saw it in the main tag and because i was chewing on it it for a fanfic draft that will never see the light of day. In the end it is all for the writers to decide but I can try to explain my personal muddled little head canon in the hope it makes sense to someone…

The way I see it, even when I put my beloved shipper googles aside, I’d say, no, she isn’t mad at him anymore - not like when she stormed out of the hotel suite at the end of the Kingmaker: hurt, furious and lost.

When she climbs out of that taxi she makes a choice, she chooses him for what she believes to be very rational reasons. She wants answers. She needs answers. And she needs him to help her find them. She has been sitting in that empty house for who knows how long, looking at Sam’s picture. Pondering. Thinking. Asking. But there was no answer to why all of this has happened, if her biological father is still alive like Tom had claimed - and most of all there is no answer to who she truly is. Maybe she realized in that moment that she cannot live without an answer to her own identity, without knowing who she truly is. And she has nowhere else to go, no one to turn to in that moment, no one else to help her find an explanation. So, she chooses him - because he can give her that. A (professional) place. A purpose. And the hope for answers. And that is worth the association with him. Meaning, no, she is not “mad” at him anymore because she needs him. However, she hasnt forgiven him for Sam. She doesnt trust him. I’d like to think that Liz has rationalized her choice to herself as an arrangement. That she accepts that they are “stuck with each other.” That she goes to him out of necessity. That she has decided, she is going to use him like he used her and the FBI in a way to help him against Berlin. And because of this I’d like to think that she is convinced that she wont be drawn in by him and his game. That she has resolved that she won’t care about Red. Not after Sam.

However, on the subconscious level I think that it is like James Spader said at the panel, there are feelings she has for Red. Unacknowledged feelings. She cares and she is compelled by him, she is drawn to him by something she cannot explain. Against her intuition and better judgement. But at this point in the story, because of Sam, because of Tom and all the “fire and brimstone” Red has brought to her life, the way I see it, she would never allow herself to consider those feelings even if she were consciously aware of them and although they at least partially inform her actions already. That might only happen over time. And as we have gotten to know Liz when it comes to Red, in moments of terrible danger and despair. Those are the moments she really faces and acts on her emotions.

I looooooove the way you see this things.

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