sing along (and other randomic thoughts)
"Why don't you feel my heart with song?
Let me sing forever more..."

This used to be about music (and I used to be raquelrv), but then The Blacklist happened. The X Files is a big part of it too, but there will be some more.

I was never very fond of Ressler, but I’m sort of missing him.
We know he’s an expert on banana peels and very good on abandoning Liz on critical moments. And Samar and Aram characters have more chemistry with Liz than Ressler’s.
I know, we don’t want to lose RedxLiz screen time (now that is is finally happening) and Aram and Samar are interesting enough to keep us hooked. But still, at this point he’s doing no difference at all on the show.
It took me a while to like him, so I wouldn’t mind some more lines…
Let’s see what that cage will do about this.



Red & Liz - 1x06 + 2x05 - Hands


Ya know what I love about this? That in the first set he caresses his thigh while holding his hand still. In the second set, he caresses her *sigh*

❝As a rule, I consider jealousy to be base emotion, but in this case, it’s quite endearing… I assure you, Lizzie, my quest to find this woman will in no way compromise our relationship.❞
—Red, S2E4, The Front (via redandlizzie)

Like a candle, you were meant to share the fire.

"But I will love you evermore."


Red calling Lizzie out on here jealousy and calling it “endearing”.

Red taking care of recovering Lizzie in the hospital.

Lizzie admitting that she has become possessive of Red.

I can’t even right now….



"Possessive of him"



Party in the Lizzington tag!


Next Monday The Blacklist goes all Hunger Games on us
❝You deserve the best in life, Lizzie. I know that sounds odd coming from a man who has brought you some of the worst. But it’s the reason why Tom had to work so hard to be that for you. To be kind, to be thoughtful, make you laugh, to make you love him. Because you deserve that. And it will come.❞
—Raymond Red Reddington (via tuesmonoxymore)
My dashboard is weird tonight.

My dashboard is weird tonight.